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Thermostat settings for maximum comfort and energy efficiency

Are you unsure about how to optimize your thermostat settings for maximum comfort and energy efficiency? The ideal temperature to set my thermostat during the summer months:  While individual comfort preferences may vary, a recommended temperature setting for optimal energy efficiency during the summer is around 78°F. This allows for a comfortable indoor environment without […]

What AC filter should I use?


What’s the best standard pleated AC filter for you to use? Choosing the Right AC Filter: Balancing Efficiency and Cost Are you puzzled about which AC filter to use for your home? Let’s explore the options and find the best fit for your needs. When it comes to selecting an AC filter, cost and efficiency […]

My ducts smell terrible! The root cause of bad musty odor from AC duct system


Eliminating Musty Odors:Understanding and Resolving AC Duct Smells  are unpleasant odors emanating from your AC ducts leaving you puzzled? Let’s delve into the root causes and effective solutions to banish those musty smells for good. Identifying the Culprit:Should your new duct system be emitting musty odors? Absolutely not! The musty smell infiltrating your home can […]

What AC should I buy? Only 3 types! No more options!

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Choosing the Right AC: Understanding Your Options for Optimal Cooling Are you overwhelmed by the array of AC options available on the market? Let’s simplify your decision-making process by exploring the three main types of straight cool AC systems and their unique features. 1. Single Stage AC:The single stage AC is the most common option, […]